Games and Sports and Physical Education

There are provisions for both outdoor and indoor games in the College. There are provisions for playing Table Tennis and Carrom Board in the Common Rooms for the boys and for the girls. Of the outdoor games provided by the College Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Kabadi and Kho- Kho are the main ones. Besides, there is a Gymnasium in the College, where the students can have physical exercise and health training with the aid of various modern equipments and implements under the guidance and supervision of the Physical Education Teacher and Instructor.

Sports Committee:
  • Dr Anup Kumar Mondal (Convener)
  • Prof. Abhijit Ghosh (Member)
  • Prof Abdul Kader Dafader (Member)
  • Dr Subhash Chandra Das (Member)
  • Prof. Arup Kumar Saha (Member)
  • Prof. Saikh Ahasan Kerim (Member)
  • Dr Sumanta Ghosh Bagh (Member)
  • Prof. Paramita Guha (Member)

Sl. No. Title Action
1 Annual Sports 2023 Download
2 Annual Athletic Meet 2021-2022 Download