University Rules & Regulations

University Rules Regarding Students’ Attendance in Colleges

  • Students must attend at least 75% of the classes held in the College in an academic session, in order to be treated as regular ‘collegiate’ students.
  • Students attending 60% - 74% classes held in the College in an academic session will be treated as ‘non – collegiate’ students.
  • Students attending less than 60% classes held in the College in an academic session will be treated as ‘dis – collegiate’ students and will be debarred form appearing in University Examinations.

Some General Rules for the Students in the College

  • Students are to apply in writing with attested photograph. School Leaving Certificates and Character Certificates three days ahead to avail themselves of Students’ identity Cards.
  • Students’ Identity cards with attested photograph are to be collected from the College Office.
  • Students’ should move and behave responsibly and be careful to see that no property or asset of the College is damaged by them. Involvement in such cases of damage of property will render them liable to fine and heavy punishment.
  • Participation in all the events in the College such as, games and sports, seminars. NSS activities etc. Is mandatory for every student.
  • Appearance in every Test and Internal Evaluation in the College is mandatory for every student.
  • About their problems and academic queries the students may always approach the teachers. This will prove effective in aid of their studies as well as in improving the teacher – learned relation.
  • Fees for each month must be paid by the students by the 15th day of the next month while the annual session charges are payable within the month of July of each year.
  • Students must be careful in keeping the College campus neat and clean.
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco within campus is prohibited.