Health Check-up

The College has established the Career Counseling Unit in the year 2013 to guide the present & the ex-students for various competitive exams like S.S.C, NET, SET, W.B.C.S, W.B.P.S, and L.I.C.I etc. to enhance their general knowledge. Several magazines & journals as guidance materials are in the library of this special unit. There is also internet facility for the students.

Health Check-up Committee:
  • Prof. Subhas Chandra Das (Convener)
  • Prof. Dr Indrani Mukherjee (Member)
  • Prof. Manjari Chattopadhayay (Member)
  • Prof. Abdul Kader Dafadar (Member)
  • Prof. Abdul Kader Dafadar (Member)
  • Shri Abhijit Ghosh (Member)
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